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Accept payments through Forms with PayPal




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    Brenda Griffith

    Right now the options are require payments or don't accept payments. there doesn't seem to be a way to accept payments through paypal or allow users to submit their form and pay by check. We are working with student artists and most of them don't have paypal accounts to use to pay their booth fees so we need two payment options.

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    Hi Brenda!

    Thank you for the suggestion! Currently, our Form Builder has an integration with PayPal payments. Our engineers are working on future updates where there may be an integration with Stripe (so your user can type in a credit card without any login info) and even allow Offline Payments!

    Until then, I may recommend turning off Payment in your Form. I may also recommend looking into adding our PayPal Button to your webpage to accept payments. Our PayPal Button accepts 3 different payment methods; PayPal, Stripe, and Offline. Once published, you may instruct your users who fill your Form to click on your PayPal Button for payment options.


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    Victor Amoguez

    Hi, I did receive payment from a customer but it did not include the shipping cost which I provided as part of the purchase

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    When I add on paypal payment, it no longer will collect info through mailchimp.  Previously, without paypal it did add to mailchimp.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks

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    Maybe Singapore

    Hello i added my email for PayPal. 

    1. In the POWr Editor go to the Payment section
    2. Toggle Require Payment to On
    3. Enter your PayPal email address 
    4. Enter product details like name, currency, cost, etc. 
    5. Continue through the POWr Editor to save your changes

      but I cannot received any payment .... Please assist urgently...


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