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How do I send confirmation emails to people who complete my form?




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    Yuliya B

    Hi, we just added the form builder and subscribed to Business. However, the shown video above is not what I see when I use the form builder. The email is not being sent after the form submission and the toggle is not present. Please help!


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    Bill Kirchner

    Trying to configure my form to send a confirmation email after a user submits the form. But what I see in my POWr Editor is not at all what your video is showing.

    I know I can go to Settings and select "Customer Confirmation Email", choose the HTML option and then(supposedly) edit the email by clicking "Customize Confirmation email". The problem is that I can't figure out how to remove the "Form Submission data" from the email. I had it working in a previous form but can't delete the stupid field in my new form!

    I have no need to send the submission data back to the user. They're registering for a workshop and I want the confirmation email to give them some information about the workshop. It doesn't seem like this should be so hard to figure out.


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