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My latest tweets aren't showing up!



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    Did you even want to answer this question? 2 out of 74 people finding this helpful should clue you in on the ridiculousness of this answer.    A tweet is not a retweet. Every person who uses twitter understands this concept. This is why they are given distinctive names, in order to differentiate between the two.   If someone's "TWEET" isn't showing up, then they mean a tweet that they personally typed out isn't showing up. I imagine if their "Retweet" wasn't showing up, they would ask why their "Retweet" wasn't showing up.  You don't get to change the definition of a tweet to fit your answer. Here, let me show you what I mean with an even dumber example. 

    Question: Why aren't my tweets showing up on twitter

    Answer:  This may be due to them not being tweets but rather pieces of paper you're writing on and taping to your window. Twitter users are unable to see your window and thus,  it won't show up on twitter. Try going to Twitter and typing out your message and hit "send".  

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