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How to connect POWr Forms to Mailchimp




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    Chris Taylor

    I set all the settings exactly to the specifications above and it will not add the record to my Mailchimp list.

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    Matt Gai

    Same problem as Chris Taylor - everything seems set up the way it's supposed to be, I'm receiving the email notification, but it is not adding the result to my MailChimp list!

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    Hi Matt! Very often, the problem is that the required fields in your Mailchimp list settings don't match the required fields in your Form Builder. Make sure that you have a corresponding required field with merge tags for each field that is required in Mailchimp. If that doesn't solve the issue, please submit a ticket with a link to your Form Builder and screenshots of your Mailchimp list settings so we can help you make this work. Thank you!

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    Sandra Diaz

    How do I connect the GDPR field to Mailchimp's GDPR field? Neither POWr nor Mailchimp shows merge tags for that. Thanks,

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    Hi Sandra!

    Unfortunately, there isn't currently a straightforward way to connect the GDPR element to Mailchimp. As you pointed out, this isn't something that Mailchimp provides as a form field. However, we do think there might be a way to make this work with Mailchimp's double opt-in settings. Our team is looking into it and we'll reach out once we have more information on this 😊

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    Hi Sandra,

    Following up on your question from last week. We have now added a Merge Tag field to the GDPR element and you can use it for recording the permissions in your Mailchimp list.



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    Bill Kirchner

    I'm having trouble getting my  POWr form to connect to my Mailchimp list. On both the form and the mailchimp list I have a phone field and an address field. When I edit the POWr form, I can add Merge Tags for everything except the EMAIL, ADDRESS and PHONE fields. I checked the help info and saw that the EMAIL tag isn't really used in POWr; apparently I just turn on the "Subscribe to Mailchimp" option.

    However, even though I have both the PHONE and ADDRESS fields set to "required", I'm not being given an option to add a Merge Tag for them. Since everything else seems to be set up correctly, I'm guessing the fact that I can't merge the Phone and Address fields is the reason I've not had any of the sign-ups added to my Mailchimp list.

    Any idea what I can do to fix it?



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    Hi Bill,

    The Phone field in Mailchimp requires the number to be in a very specific format. Because our phone field doesn't require the number to be entered in a specific format, the error rate for signups failing due to an unsupported format would be too big. 

    If your list requires a phone number, we recommend that you use a regular text field both in the Mailchimp settings and in the POWr Form Builder settings. That way, the number will come through no matter which format was used.

    Hope this helps! 

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    Lee Lowell
    Having same troubles connecting a Powr form to my Mailchimp list.
    The issue started a few months ago and was working flawlessly for a year and a half.  Wondering if something changed on your end?
    I have a Powr form on my website that requires first name, last name & email address.  When someone fills out my Powr form, it transfers over to my Mailchimp list.  This no longer happens.
    I've watched your tutorial above and have followed every step.
    One thing I noticed is that within the Powr email element, it doesn't have a merge tag box to apply the required merge tags from my Mailchimp list.  Email is a required field in Mailchimp.  Is that the issue?
    Thank you.
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    Hi Lee!

    Nothing has changed on our end that should have caused this. The "Email" field should have a "Subscribe to Mailchimp" toggle instead of the merge field (since that field is always required and matches our email field format). 

    To find out what the issue is, our support team would need to see a screenshot of your Mailchimp settings as well as get a link to your form. Please send all of that to support@powr.io so we can help you get this working again! 

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